Range autonomy covers your daily commute in the city: going to work, gym and back home, because the all new 500 has a range up to 320 km. And when used purely for urban driving, the range of the all new 500 extends up to 460 km with an impressive urban cycle.*

*Values refer to the complete all new 500 range.


The “Sherpa Mode” is a smart driving setup to save energy helping to get to your destination while optimizing car’s parameters. For example, mobile charger, air conditioning, limit speed or acceleration.


The all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 can be fast charged at high 85 kw, allowing a full day driving in a coffee break time: 50 km in a 5 minutes charge. It reaches 80% of full battery charge in 35 minutes.


The all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 is one of the first electric cars to offer a new driving experience using the right-hand pedal both to accelerate and decelerate. Any time the driver lifts the right foot from the pedal the car slows down, then converts and recovers kinetic energy to generate electric power and recharge the battery.


Various factors can alter your electric vehicle’s range.
At high speeds, range is reduced. At 130 km/h the range is almost halved compared to the WLTP cycle. Smooth acceleration and gentle use of braking can optimize autonomy by 15% – 20%.
Using the heater can affect potential range up to 40%. Good advice is to preheat or cool the car.


The optional easyWallbox has been designed exclusively for FCA to create your personal charging point at home. All set with the “Plug & Play” technology which requires no professional installation and a Bluetooth connection, for settings and checking operating parameters). The easyWallbox has a Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor to prevent blackouts in the house and if you upgrade up to 7.4kW (with a professional installation), the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 will recharge in in less than 4 hours*.

*Charging times 15-80% SoC.


A trusted co-driver, always by your side: New 500 «la Prima» 3+1 is the first small electric car with Assisted Driving Level 2 (ADAS), which means a superior level of safety in the urban mobility.


Looking for a co-driver? We’ve got it covered. Thanks to its technology, New 500 «La Prima» 3+1 will help you in different conditions, even in traffic jams or stop-and-go situations. First of all, you can set your speed and the distance from the vehicle that precedes you: the car will autonomously keep them, and it will stop when you need it. Moreover, thanks to the Traffic Jam Assist, New 500 «La Prima» 3+1 accelerates and brakes for you in specific traffic conditions. Its system will also maintain your vehicle in the middle of the lane, reducing burden and fatigue on the driver, at any speed.


No stress, more travelling pleasure: when you are over 60 km/h, the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 recognizes the lines of the road and autonomously keeps you at the center of the lane, making your driving safer.


Take it easy, also on low speed: you will not accidentally bump in a car or a brickwork anymore. Under 13 km/h the 360° view-parking sensors with 11 sensors placed on the front, side and rear fascia of the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1, detects any obstacle around the vehicle and notifies the driver of rear object proximity.


Blind spots are a thing of the past: when driving faster between 15 km/h and 140 km/h the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 will have an ultrasonic sensor able to detect objects in the blind areas both on the side and on the rear of the car and will alert you with an acoustic signal and a light on the side mirror.


Easily keep an eye on everything, even behind you. The rear view camera transmits a high-resolution image of whatever is behind the car with clarity and sharpness, directly on the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 infotainment display. The image is projected with dynamic grid lines and a center line graphic adjusts guide paths as the steering wheel is turned, to aid customer perception of distance.


Even more safety for you and everyone else on the road: the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 brakes automatically to avoid or mitigate collision with preceding vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, up to 130km/h of speed. At first, the car just alerts the driver with an acoustic and visual warning in the instrument cluster, and if the driver does not respond, the system breaks the vehicle helping to avoid or mitigate potential impact.


Fatigue wont’ be a problem anymore: the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 helps you to not accidentally fall asleep behind the wheel. The system can detect the initial signs of fatigue by monitoring lateral movements of the vehicle, advising to take a break. A visual and acoustic warning will be recorded on the instrument cluster.


Travel safely on your lane, more easily: the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 helps you to prevent unwilling crossing the road lines, keeping you on track with an active action on the steering wheel and protecting yourself and others from dangers. When the function detects that the vehicle is about to unintentionally move out of the lane, it warns the driver by means of a visual, audible and haptic signal as steering wheel vibration, in order to counter steer accordingly.


Always by your side, especially in an emergency. In the event of a severe accident causing the deployment of the airbags, an automatic emergency call will be forwarded directly from a dedicated in-vehicle system of the all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 to 112 European Emergency Number. Meanwhile your position and vehicle status will be immediately transmitted, to allow a faster rescue. Also, an SOS button will be easily reachable in front of the interior rear mirror, to receive quick help in case of need.*

* The system only activates in case of severe accident and airbag deployment.


The all new Cinerama Infotainment system of the new Fiat 500 «la Prima» 3+1, with its bright 10,25″ display, is always wide and clear under your eyes. Ultra-fast Bluetooth connects all the smartphones in the car in less than 5” from door opening. The smartphone-like interface, with customizable screen-layout, keeps your infotainment easy to use. A natural language speech recognition allows interaction by simply saying “Hey Fiat”; the fully integrated Navigation platform shows drivers up-to-the minute traffic information, speed cameras, parking, EV stations, and destination weather information. The 3D map can be visualized also on the 7” digital cluster. The new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 features a wireless mobile charger to be always connected and recharged.



Connect your iPhone to the Uconnect™ 10,25″ display and control Apple CarPlay wirelessly with Siri voice control or the touch-screen. Wireless Apple CarPlay is the smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your car. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to Apple Music, audiobooks or podcasts while still staying focused on the road.

CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple inc.


The all new 500 «la Prima» 3+1 is also compatible with Android Auto™ and it can connect wirelessly (with compatible phones). Once your smartphone is connected to the car, the user-friendly interface displays your apps on the Uconnect™ 10,25″ display. You can manage music and contacts, and thanks to Google Maps you can explore maps, traffic conditions in real time, directly from the touch-screen and without putting safety at risk.

Google, Google Play, Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.

To use Android Auto on your car display, you’ll need an Android Auto compatible vehicle, an Android phone running Android 5.0 or higher, and the Android Auto app.

To use Android Auto Wireless you will need to have one of the following
• Any smartphone with Android 11.0 and a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. In the European Union, smartphones must meet additional regulatory requirements in order to use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network in the car.
• Google or Samsung smartphone with Android 10.0.
• Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + or Note 8 phone running Android 9.0.